Visit Class 10 2022-23 Syllabus for the LATEST CBSE Class 10 AI Syllabus

Artificial Intelligence for Class 10 for CBSE Includes all the Syllabus and the content provided by CBSE through Handbooks and Facilitators.

As a beginning in this direction, CBSE introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject at Class IX from the Session 2019-2020 onwards.

Also, to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in teaching learning so as to sensitize the new generation, it was decided that schools may start AI “Inspire Module” of 12 hours at class VIII itself. CBSE has extended this subject to class X as well from the Session 2020-2021.

AI Syllabus for Class 10

Chapter 4.1 Getting Started in Data Science
Chapter 4.3 Data Sciences: Classification Model