AI Ethics Glossary Class 10

What is AI Ethics? Ethical concerns of AI What is AI bias?
How to avoid AI bias? Machines being Biased What is AI privacy?

What is AI Ethics ?

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The discipline deals with right vs wrong and the moral obligations and duties of humans. It’s called AI ethics.

Ethics is the branch of philosophy concerned with grounding decisions, beliefs, policies, etc. In some sort of framework for deciding right or wrong. Ethics looks to resolve such questions as human morality. By deriving some moral system we can prescribe value to some action or beliefs.

Decisions are taken by all of the people who use this technology, it will be human decisions.

Ethical concerns of AI

Can AI assure this:

Unemployment What will happen after the end of jobs?
InequalityHow are we going to distribute the wealth created by machines?
HumanityHow do Machines affect our behaviour and interaction?
Artificial StupidityHow can we guard against the mistakes?
SecurityHow do we keep AI safe from Adversaries?
  • Taking over human jobs leading towards the era of Unemployment.
  • Making human less efficient , For example: asking everything from an artificial intelligent machine and making there own decisions.
  • Wealth inequalities , where wealthy people will become richer by the influence of machines where as poor people will become poor because of lack of jobs.
  • Machines will effect humanity and making them less interacting with other people.
  • Machines don’t know the desired output that humans want.
  • Facing racism from machines , which is also called AI Bias

At last, it depends on humans how they use technology and for what they use technologies, technology can become a blessing or curse depending on humans.

What is AI bias ?

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AI Bias means favoring someone or something. AI bias focuses upon training the machines with unbiased data, when Bias Data is fed to an AI Machine while creating the Model then the machine will also be biased.

The quality of your model is usually a direct result of the quality and quantity of your data.

Examples of AI Bias:

Machine VoicesWhat will happen after the end of jobs?
Google RecommendationsHow are we going to distribute the wealth created by machines?
Search ResultsHow do Machines affect our behaviour and interaction?
  • We have seen that in most of artificial assistants have a female voice and not a male voice.
  • When a camera missed the mark on racial sensitivity, or when a software used to predict future criminals showed bias against black people.
  • Security systems are trained , based on an individuals race of gender rather than their actions ,movements to commit the crime ,etc. Facial recognition systems that look a diverse Training set ,resulting in only detecting the race for which they are trained.
  • AI bias Always collect data from authentic sources or unknown people and train the machines to avoid biasness in output

Court systems (AI judges/Juries) with past rulings against certain races as the training data.

How to avoid AI bias?

In simple terms AI access means making AI more accessible.

  • AI Access discusses the gap in society, where only upper-class people who can afford AI-enabled devices have the opportunity to access it and people below the poverty line don’t have access to it.
  • Because of this, a gap has emerged between these two classes of people and it gets widened with the rapid advancement of technology.
  • The Government has to bring balance in the society by providing infrastructure to common students/people so that everyone will get a chance to access emerging technologies like AI.

What is Data privacy?

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Data privacy is defined as one able to control how our digital data is being stored, modified, and exchanged between different parties.

As technology advances Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more integrated with every aspect of our lives. Numerous different industries use it to improve products and services but because machine learning often uses million of pieces of personae data to train the algorithms it is by strict privacy laws including EU GDPR or the California consumer privacy act. This means you need to protect your consumer’s data at all times.

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