What is Aiforkids ?

Aiforkids is a learning platform for all beginners and also experts it teaches in the easiest way with highly improvised learning using examples and also providing a powerful editor with smart features.

Artificial Intelligence for Kids, Aiforkids, introduces Artificial Intelligence for Kids and the Students and Brings out Artificial Intelligence in a simple way for free to all from class 6 and above

We tried to Simplify Artificial Intelligence for Kids #aiforkids and the Students. We tried to grow this seed of AI in the future generation so that they can become a fruitful tree and grab opportunities in the future.

Team of AIforkids

Aiforkids was originally started on 26th 2020 November, founded by Lalit Kumar. Aiforkids Started with efforts put by Lalit Kumar. We have a wonderful team of People making Aiforkids Provide quality content for People.





To know more about team Aiforkids please visit the LinkedIn Page of Aiforkids which lists all the company employees.

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