In this tutorial we are going to start learning Artificial Intelligence, if you are a student any learning enthusiast, read this page carefully and start your new and thrilling learning venture in Artificial Intelligence.

How should I Start Learning AI ?

To be clear in the beginning, Artificial Intelligence is not just about Coding, It does involve programming but that’s not the point. Let’s cover this topic of How to start learning AI in two parts.

AI for Students ( Grade 6 to 12 ) and for Learners from college or other.

AI for Students

Learning Artificial Intelligence for students does mean, creating a base first with concepts of Artificial Intelligence like Project Cycle, Understanding Domains of AI Etc.

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We classified this on the basis of your grade, Let’s head on to it.

Class 10 AI Syllabus

1. Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceOpen the Page
2.Human vs Artificial IntelligenceOpen the Page
3.What is Artificial intelligence and What not?Open the Page
4.AI Related TerminologiesOpen the Page
5.AI, Ml, and DLOpen the Page
6.Domains of AI (Data, CV & NLP)Open the Page
7.Applications of AIOpen the Page
8.Ethics in Artificial IntelligenceOpen the Page
9.AI Project CycleOpen the Page


Open Python Page
1.Jupyter NotebookOpen the Page
2.Virtual EnvironmentsOpen the Page
3.Python and Its ApplicationsOpen the Page
4.Python Statements and CommentsOpen the Page
5.Keywords And IdentifiersOpen the Page
6.Variables in PythonOpen the Page
7.Python DatatypesOpen the Page
8.Python InputsOpen the Page
9.Python OperatorsOpen the Page
10.Python Conditional StatementsOpen the Page
11.Loops In PythonOpen the Page
12.Python PackagesOpen the Page


1.Introduction to Data Science Open the Page
2.Applications of Data Science Open the Page
3.Data Collection and Data Access Open the Page
4.Python for Data Science Open the Page
5.Statistical Learning Open the Page
6.Personality Prediction Open the Page
7.Understanding K-Neighbour Model Open the Page


1.Computer Vision Open the Page
2.Open CV Open the Page
3.Convolution Open the Page
4.Natural Language Processing Open the Page
5.Evaluation and Its Methods Open the Page

Class 9 AI Syllabus

1. What is Artificial Intelligence? Open the Page
2. Ethics in Artificial Intelligence Open the Page
3.Goals of Artificial IntelligenceOpen the Page
4.AI in Education ( Integration of AI )Open the Page
5. Applications of AI Open the Page
6.History of Artificial IntelligenceOpen the Page


1.What is Domains of AIOpen the Page
2.Data – Audio, Video, Text, Big DataOpen the Page
3.Computer Vision – Face Recognition, CIBR, and Smart InteractionOpen the Page
4.Natural Language Processing (NLP) – NLU and NLCOpen the Page


1.What is Artificial Intelligence Project Cycle Open the Page
2.First Stage Problem Scoping Open the Page
3.Stage two Data Acquisition Open the Page
4.Third Stage Data Exploration Open the Page
5.Fourth Stage Modelling the Environment of AI Open the Page
6.Final Stage – Evaluation Open the Page
7.Neural Networks Open the Page


1.Python and Applications Open the Page
2.Compiler, Interpreter and IDE Open the Page
3.How print() works in Python Open the Page
4.Comments In Python Open the Page
5.Variables In Python Open the Page
6.DATA Types In Python Open the Page
7.Types of Operators in Python Open the Page
8.Statements And Expressions For Pythons Open the Page
9.Pythons Inbuilt Function Input Open the Page