In the Previous Lesson we discussed about Intelligence and How AI Started?

Topics In this Page are:

1. Human Intelligence
2. Artificial Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Hey Welcome , What do you think about the Intelligence we Humans have ?
The Idea which taps in to the mind is that we have brains and the ability to think which makes humans Intelligent?

These are the Examples of Natural Human Intelligence

How to Define Human Intelligence?

1. Ability to observe, recognize and understand
2. Ability to make ‘smart’ decisions and solve problems
3. Ability to learn and increase knowledge

See the Flow Chart for Better Understanding

Human Intelligence Flow

Any agent who can perform the above is called an Intelligent Agent

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Artificial Intelligence

Machines or Computers are created by humans hence the intelligence in them is artificial. Machines dont have Brains like us nor they can sense, feel or express like Humans.

Machines can be trained to do the above but there are limitations.

Now after Understanding this Should we term Computers as Intelligent

Human vs Artificial Intelligence

To understand the difference in Human and Artificial Intelligence we need to consider some key points.

Things to be considered ?

Nature Source of Intelligence
Energy Energy Usage / Efficiently
Functioning Processing of Data
Learning Power Adopting to changes
Decision making Ability of make accurate decisions
Ethics Considering Social Ethics