Artificial Intelligence Class 10 AI Syllabus for Session 2022 – 2023 CBSE Skill Subject Code 417 Artificial Intelligence. Latest Syllabus with PDF and Both Employability Skills and Subject Specific Skills Covered.

CBSE Artificial Intelligence syllabus by Aiforkids gives a clear overview of the latest syllabus provided by CBSE regarding the AI Curriculum (Skill Subject – Code 417) of the academic year 2022-23.

AI Syllabus for Class 10 Session 2022-23 (Latest)

Given below is the PDF of AI SYLLABUS CLASS 9 and 10th 417-AI-IX-X-2022-23 By CBSE

Class 10 AI – Employability Skills (Part A)

SN.UNITPage Link
1.Communication SkillsOpen the Page
2.Self Management SkillsPublishing Soon
3.ICT Skills – IIPublishing Soon
4.Entrepreneurial Skills – IIPublishing Soon
5.Green Skills – IIOpen the Page

Class 10 AI – Subject Specific (Part B)

SN.Topic NameLink of Page

Open the Page
1.Human vs Artificial IntelligenceOpen the Page
2.What is Artificial intelligence and What not?Open the Page
3.AI Related TerminologiesOpen the Page
4.AI, Ml, and DLOpen the Page
5.Domains of AI (Data, CV & NLP)Open the Page
6.Applications of AIOpen the Page
7.Ethics in Artificial IntelligenceOpen the Page

Open the Page

Open the Page
1.Data ProcessingOpen the Page
2.Bag of WordsOpen the Page
3.TFIDF (Optional 2022-23)Open the Page
4.NLTKPublishing Soon


Open Evaluation Page
1.Confusion Matrix Open the Page
2.Understanding Accuracy, Precision, Recall
& F1 Score
Open the Page

Class 10 AI - Subject Specific (Part B)

All Concepts of Class 10

Chapter 4.1 Getting Started in Data Science
Chapter 4.3 Data Sciences: Classification Model