Applications of AI Glossary Class 10

Ai in NLP
Ai in Gaming
Speech Recognition
Ai in E-Commerce
Ai in Decision making
Ai in Finance
Ai in Data Security
Computer Vision
Ai In Expert System
Q/A Applications Of Ai

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Artificial Intelligence is a vast field and a developing technology ! It help people in many ways or provide them with services.


Ai in Gaming

Playing games with AI Bots is the usage of Ai in Gaming.
Ai can think large number of possible moves with restrict knowledge.
Ai is trained with data about the position, strategies, concepts and rules of the game and is made to play with a partner.
These Ai Bots can be digital or physical but generally they are digital.
However there game-play relies on the data feeded and the algorithm developed by their developers.
Some advance Ai game-bots set their difficulty level by analyzing the game-play of their competitors Example: Ai game-bots are used in digital games like chess, poker, tic-tac-toe.

Ai in NLP

Two understand naturally spoken language of humans by machines is known as Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Recommended Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Ai helps the machine to understand the commands in the naturally spoken language of humans.

Ai in Decision making

Ai is now inheriting the decision-making capacity of humans used it in providing explanations and solutions of the problems to its user.
Example: Self-driving cars

Ai in Health-Care

One of the most prominent use of Ai can be seen in the healthcare industry
With the use of ai, our doctors are getting help in various tasks like fast diagnosis of various diseases.
Robotic Surgery: With help of certain machines surgeons can now perform surgeries from a distance!

Ai in Finance

In finance ai is used as adaptive intelligence to make automating chat-bots and algorithms.

Ai in Data Security

Companies and government are using Ai to improve the data-security of applications and huge data-bases.
Example: AEG bot and AI2. This ai-bots can find cyber-bugs in a system and thus help to improve data-security

Ai in Expert System

Integration of special software, machine and special information obtained from learning algorithms to provide reasoning and advices

Computer Vision

Using of Ai in Computer-Vision means to train the system such that, it can perform visual tasks such as image Processing, face-recognition
Example: Face-locks of different devices

Speech Recognition

Extracting the real meaning of sentence by human talk.
Example: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana


Today's robots are based on Ai technologies, which uses different applications of AI discussed above, depending upon their work.
Today's most advance robot is Erica and Sophia. They can talk and behave like humans so they are also called as Humanoid.

Ai in E-commerce

Ai uses a algorithm and automatically generates the a list of items based on your search or history. It also handles the service requirements
Example: Youtube's feed, Filpcarts products on the home page, Google ads etc.

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