Downloading and Installing Python

Python is a cross-platform programming language, meaning, it runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

To write and run a Python program, we need to have a Python interpreter installed on our computer.


Visit the official website and then at the menubar click on downloads

Home page


Select appropriate download link as per Operating System like:

  1. Windows 64 Bit
  2. Windows 32 Bit
  3. MacOS
  4. Linux/Unix

In the case of Windows 64 Bit, Just click “Download Python” with its latest version. After the click, you can see one .exe file is downloading

And, if in case of Windows 32 Bit, hover on the downloads button on the menu and select “Windows” then scroll down to Stable releases and check for the latest version with “Windows Installer (32-Bits)” and click the link. It will start the download.

download python


Now, you will be seeing a popup window of python setup at the bottom right corner, click on the button “YES”.


After all this just a few more steps

Now you will see a window as shown in the figure. Select the “Add Python *Ver to Path” [*ver = Version] and click on “Install Now”.


Now the installing will start. Wait until it’s finished.


After Successful installation, you will get to see the following message. This means the Python installation is successful. 


Now, go to start and search python
open it and start exploring the new world.