The use of artificial intelligence is increasing over time. Dependence on machine learning technologies has also enhanced. Today, you see dozens of fantastic tools that help us in our daily lives. Luckily, many AI tools are helping students and teachers in the education sector.

Artificial Intelligence has proved its worth in offering a personalized learning experience, improved accessibility, and making education more effective for everyone.

In this article, I will let you know how AI is making things easier in the education industry by providing students with useful tools.

Best AI Tools for Students

You will learn about some of the best-performing AI tools that you can count on for better academic results.


One of the most challenging parts of the academic journey is to develop a good understanding of various subject matters. 

For instance, a student with a basic level of comprehension might not be able to absorb complicated terminologies or highly technical language used in text. This is where a comes into play.

Backed by advanced AI technologies, a good paraphrasing tool accepts difficult input text and instantly converts it into simplified language to help students understand different topics in detail.

You do not have to manually rewrite anything. Instead, paraphrase online using a reliable paraphrasing tool within seconds. 

There are different paraphrasing modes that students can choose from depending on their requirements. In this case, you can opt for the ‘Academic’ mode since this can help you paraphrase educational materials proficiently.

Other prominent modes include blog, creative, formal, anti-plagiarism, and fluency. You can either paste text or upload a document containing your educational materials. Next, click the ‘Paraphrase now’ button and get a rewritten version ready for download.

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  1. gained a good reputation soon after appearing on the internet. It is a universal AI solution for students, teachers, and people working in other life sectors. No matter what’s on your mind, just ask this monster, and you will not be disappointed with the results. uses advanced AI technology to understand human prompts and provide them with personalized results. This saves a lot of time that otherwise you might have to spend on research work.

Now, you just need to enter what you are looking for, and will provide you with instant results.

Students can leverage the GPT-3 model, which is free. However, those who wish to enjoy some extra perks can opt for the GPT-4 model, which comes under a paid subscription.

If you are an avid learner, can help you learn almost everything. You can get writing assistance whenever you feel stuck.

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Formerly famous as ELI5 or Explain Like I am Five, it is a well-known AI-powered platform that makes students’ lives easier than ever. The tool uses artificial intelligence to simplify complex study concepts and make them easily understandable, even for a fifth grader.

Learners with different levels of understanding can get a customized learning experience with It divides long-form explanations into digestible chunks so that you can learn everything without getting overwhelmed.

The tool comes with an intuitive interface to facilitate easy learning. The great thing about is that it works for a variety of subjects, including mathematics, science, linguistics, IT, physics, chemistry, and more.

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Not only content creators but students also need to create impressive visuals to aid in their studies. If you wish to unleash your creativity in design, AI has got you covered.

Imagine getting impressive visuals ready right after entering a simple prompt. Isn’t that amazing? That’s what AI does. It uses artificial intelligence to understand what you need in terms of graphics and then generate AI artwork that you might not have even imagined.

Students having an interest in graphical representations can leverage AI and use it as a creative companion throughout their academic tenure. This is one of the best free choices that you can benefit from to make your academics more exciting.

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Writing clear and flawless text is what every student dreams about. This is because writing error-free assignments and homework tasks is crucial to every learner’s academic success. being the top-rated grammar-checking solution, provides you with everything you need to turn ordinary write-ups into professional prose.

It uses the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to identify gaps in your writing and then provide quick suggestions to fix them. 

Those who are always unsure about the grammatical accuracy of texts can take advantage of this particular tool to achieve professionalism in academic writing.

The basic version is free to try, and it lets you know about typos and other basic grammar errors. However, you can pay for the subscription if you want to learn about stylistic errors and other advanced grammar suggestions.

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Artificial Intelligence has brought about a wonderful revolution in the academic industry. Today, you can access dozens of productive AI tools that can help solve thousands of problems related to your academic journey.

You can paraphrase texts to develop a deeper understanding of various subjects. Tools like provide instant solutions to various problems that you might be facing at the moment. simplified complex concepts so that even a fifth grader can understand everything clearly. AI lets you generate impressive visuals through simple prompts. Finally, leaps forward in honing your academic writing skills.

All tools discussed above use artificial intelligence to provide students with instant help. You can give them a try to take your learning experience to the next level.