It is important that your kids should be well-prepared for today’s technological changes so they can face the challenges of tomorrow. The following is a step-by-step guide on how parents should explain AI to their children.

The modern technological advances that we are experiencing right now can sometimes make some people feel confused as if they’ve been left behind. Having robot delivery services, self-driving cars, as well as any other automated machines are a clear indication that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown tremendously. But the problem is, how can our kids keep up with this or grow to become technical experts? 

Regardless of your level of expertise in technologies and robots, it is essential that you should do your homework so you can learn more, particularly about artificial intelligence.

As you learn more on how these advanced technologies impact our daily lives, this can also help you in preparing your kids.

Explain To Them What AI Is All About?

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First, you have to give them the definition of artificial intelligence. AI is used by machines to simulate human intelligence so they can act like us. It is essential that their unique abilities can help in solving problems, identifying data, and making decisions, increasing our productivity while saving us time and money.

To encourage children to learn more about AI, you can ask them some questions. For instance, before machines were invented to do our tasks, how do we accomplish them? If you are given the chance to have the fastest brain, what is the first thing that you want to do? If you have a robot in your home, what would you want it to do? In what particular jobs can we use AI? 

Discuss these ideas with your children and think of ways on how you can challenge their curiosity. You should emphasize that AI is important and valuable to our society, however, they are not meant to replace humans. Also, AI is not all about robots and those sci-fi movies. It pertains to the smart and complicated systems that can process information faster.

However, as our technology advances, the more cyber attacks emerge, the more you need to get a VPN for cybersafety.

Provide Some Concrete Examples 

One of the most important things that you tell your kids is how our life has improved because of technology. Remember those slow connections, dial-up internet, and huge computers? Well, those are just things of the past. Today’s generation may not have any idea on what was life before these technological advances started to boom. Most especially, since their first device is a smartphone. Let your kids point to an object or device in your home and how it has made your life easier.

You can go much further by explaining to your kids that AI can be trained to learn and follow instructions. Give them a tangible example in which they can relate to. For instance, you can train a puppy on how to behave until it can behave by itself. This is just the same as what an AI can do.

A fun example would be a machine that can fold the clothes after being washed.

A Fun Example

  1. First, the machine will scan the object, search for it on the database, and decide on how to fold it based on the instructions found on the database.
  2. It will probably take 10 minutes for the machine to fold each object.
  3. Interestingly it depends on you, how you command your machine, your own Helper or a never tiring companion

Think of other examples on how AI has changed our lives and share these with your children. Also, don’t forget to remind them of the dangers of these technological advances and why it is important that we should not completely rely on them. 

Research for Fun Resources 

Most often, the best way to learn is to play some games. For instance, playing Pac-Man on computer is a good example of Artificial Intelligence. Other relevant resources include Youtube, wherein as you are searching for AI, the more concepts for AI will appear, indicating how AI can be magical.

You could also do some experiments with Google and Machine Learning for Kids. Now is the best time to start learning about AI.

You could go further and challenge them by discussing intelligence itself. How does it feel to be human or to be intelligent? These are huge questions that stimulate huge discussions. Challenging your kids can help them in gaining more confidence so they are ready to face new challenges.