Innovative technologies are being used more and more every year in a wide variety of fields. Gambling games are no exception. Legal gambling operators, Pin Up, Cosmolot and others, are increasingly introducing innovations such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality into their activities. Both online casinos and bookmakers, as well as their players, benefit from this.

Casino and Player Security

Every year, the number of online gambling operators on the market is increasing. In countries where gambling is legalized, licensed operators and companies actively compete with international licenses. Due to the high level of competition, brands have to look for new tools to attract potential players, since traditional ones, such as free spins for registration, are no longer able to surprise anyone.

The most common way to implement artificial intelligence technology in online gambling today is the Automatic Pattern Recognition System (APRS). was the first among the demo slot portals in the world to introduce this technology. This increases the security of the game, as it helps to easily recognize bots, account hacking, sudden changes in player behavior, and other forms of fraud. Often unscrupulous players who want to receive no deposit bonuses at the casino several times are fond of multi-accounting. AI helps to identify such cases as well.

AI also helps in ensuring the safety of players. For example, in the popular online casino Cosmolot, the implemented AI technology ensures the safety of players in the following way:

  • Every 20 minutes of the game, a pop-up pops up with a warning about the need to take a break;
  • Spin speed decreases. When a player is heavily involved in the game, slower speed allows him to be aware of where he is and what he is doing.

Another important function of artificial intelligence for gambling is the creation of a system for distributing winnings. AI directly develops algorithms aimed at determining the probability of winnings and distributing them in such a way as to ensure an equal chance of winning for all players.

Performance and Efficiency Improvements

Artificial intelligence is becoming an indispensable tool for optimizing the operation of online casino platforms. With the help of this technology, various chat bots are created that help players deal with problem situations.

AI is also actively used for marketing purposes, in particular for market analysis, forecasting demand for a particular product, and making decisions about new projects. Competent analysis helps to significantly save on advertising campaign costs when introducing new slots, which means it makes it possible to increase the casino prize fund.

They analyze with the help of artificial intelligence and directly the behavior of the players. Based on the information received, the casino offers the client offers and bonuses that will definitely interest him. The risk prediction system is also actively used, which allows players to receive timely advice on the relevant