AI ethics Glossary Class 9

What is AI Ethics ?
Ethical concerns of AI
What is AI bias ?
How to avoid AI bias?
What is AI access?
Importance of AI bias

What is AI Ethics ?

Ai ethics

An AI Code, Ethics, also Called an AI value platform, is a policy Statement that formally defines the role of artificial intelligence as it applies to the continued development of the human race.

The goal of AI research should be to create not undirected intelligence but beneficial intelligence.

Ethics is a branch of Philosophy concerned with the grounding decisions, beliefs, policies etc.

In some sort of framework for deciding right or wrong ethics look like to resolve such questions as human morality by driving some action and belief.

There are some main areas of main ethics and they can be divided into sub categories.

1. Applied Ethics : Concerned with Studying what is right and just what is valuable.
2. Normative Ethics : Study of how people ought ot act.

Ethical Issues of AI

Due to the wide spread of Artificial Intelligence, all from your small Mobile phones to biggest ships and aircraft's, AI is Dominating.

This is the reason why everyone is worried about the ethical issues AI and Considering Class 9 Syllabus the ethical issues of Artificial Intelligence are mentioned below :

Can AI assure this :

Unemployment What will happen after the end of jobs ?
Inequality How are we going to distribute the wealth created by machines ?
Humanity How do Machines affect our behavior and interaction ?
Artificial Stupidity How can we guard against the mistakes ?
Security How do we keep AI safe from Adversaries ?

AI Bias

Ai bias

In this world everyone Has a bias of their own, It is the truth and no matter how people try to be unbias but actually humans have biases.

Lets quickly see What is meant by being biased ?

What is meant by bias?

Bias means to be on one side or to favour one side, One can be bias against a decision, belief, individual or a Group

For Example :

1. “I’m vegetarian.” This shows bias against killing animals for meat.
2. I disagree that we should re-elect The leader. (political bias)
3. I hate classical music: it is too complex. (musical genre bias)

How to avoid AI bias?

AI in many ways are mirrors of the people who train them . if someone with bad beliefs according to our moral systems is at the help of AI ,they are likely to acquire data and train the system on data that coincides with their beliefs.

Machines being Biased

We know that Bias is possible when you favour one side and for that you need to think. This means that to be biased we need to have thinking ability and Machines do not have that.

⟶So How can machines be Biased ?

Well, This is possible because as machines can't think but the developer can. The person who developed the machine can have his own biases.


The biases of a developer can transfer into the machine through the Algorithms.

Examples of AI Bias:

Machine Voices What will happen after the end of jobs ?
Google Recommendations How are we going to distribute the wealth created by machines ?
Search Results How do Machines affect our behavior and interaction ?

AI Access

In simple terms AI access means making AI more accessible.

As Technology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the world, AI Access will be more likely to be eligible on the future days.

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