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How Neural Network(NN) works class 9th and 10th CBSE Artificial Intelligence

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Everyday Uses of Neural Network

Social media

The people who are in the social media platforms such as facebook and instagram, people connect themselves with other peoples and make friends online in which people upload their photos or selfies shows to other people, we can also see who else are in their photo and show them their profile names automatically when clicked on the image.

Online shopping

We all know, whenever we are shopping for one thing we end up buying a lot and this happens to all of us most of the time so the technology behind this is recommendations and what we search for.


Amazon shows you recommendations depending on the behaviour of the individual interests , Amazon makes use of Artificial Neural Networks(ANN)to train its algorithms to learn the pattern and behaviour of its users. that is why amazon have such a good services and make sure to


Yor amazon searches are also use neural network and your amazon return a list of the most relevant products related to your search, It uses past patterns and adapts to what is important for the customer in question.

Online Banking

Online banking has become one of the most common use in everyday peoples daily life, Neural networks is used in this where your handwriting is converted into text.


The voice to text is now a days is very helpful and it is one of the common features on smartphones, in this Technology there is a hand of neural networks.

Smart Personal Assistant

It is one of more common features of voice to text technology , this technology made this new invention of smart personal assistant which is similar as real life personal assistant. for example: Siri,alexa and google are some of the example of smart personal assistants .

Applications of neural networks

Some of the applications of neural networks are :

  • Speech recognition
  • Character recognition
  • Spell checking

Speech recognition

Speech recognition has many applications such as virtual assistance , hands-free computing and video games ,etc neural networks is used widely in this areas .

Character recognition

In this Application of AI is also a use of neural networks in character recognition, where this technology is used to recognize a character with the help of this application of AI.

Spell Checking

Personalized Spell Checking using Neural Networks a new system for detecting misspelled words was proposed. this system corrects the mistakes made by typist.

More on Neural Networks at Neural Networks Class 9 

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