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Suhas is working in a company named Krishna Enterprise as HR Head. He is facing problems from remote workers of his company. Remote workers are not able to communicate with one another seamlessly and easily. Sometimes network issues occur, hence the communication gap remains there. Sometimes it creates misunderstanding.

Answer the following questions based on the above situation:

1. Prepare 4ws canvas for the problem.

2. Write a few methods to visualize the data.

3. Why human communication is complex for machines?

Topic   Natural Language Processing (AI Domain)
Type  Long answer type
Class 10
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1 Answer


Ans1:- The problem statement for the given situation is as follows:

Our Remote workers and company professionals Who?
Have a problem Effective Communication What?
while remote workers work in the mines or remote area Where?
An ideal solution would be  to provide a platform to communicate easily  Why?

Ans2:- To visualize data there are various methods, Suhas can use any of these:

1. MS Excel

2. Python Matplotlib

3. QlikView

4. Tableau

5. MS Power BI

Ans3:- Human language contains various rules based on grammatical structure. The machines need to be prepared in such a manner that can identify these rules and apply them to the model. Machines have their own rules to understand the language rules. As computer understands 0s and 1s only.

Study more about Natural Language Processing at Natural Language Processing Class 10

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